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Take A Tour To Learn Four Simple Ways To Improve Your Health

Kidney disease. Heart disease. Cancer. Stroke. Diabetes. We all know someone suffering from these diseases. Not only are they top five causes of death in Mecklenburg County, they also can be caused by pollution.

In fact, research shows that long term exposure to air pollution can cause kidney disease. The methane gas from landfills contribute to air pollution, which is more potent than carbon dioxide. The more trash we place in landfills, the worse pollution becomes, making us sick.

It doesn’t matter how healthy we eat or how much we exercise, if the environment is polluted we can still get sick. Join us as we tour Mecklenburg County’s waste disposal facilities to see just how much we are throwing away - and learn more about how simple changes in our daily routine can improve local air quality.

Tour includes a trip to the landfill, recycling and composting centers.

Attendees will meet at the Solid Waste office and use a tour bus to visit the facility. Breakfast, snacks and games will be provided.

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Meeting Location: City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services - 1105 Otts Street, Charlotte, NC 28205 - View Map