Crab Cakes

•  16 oz jar of heart of palm
•  a bag of thawed artichoke hearts
•  4 slices of vegan bread
•  1 tbsp of fresh parsley
•  ½ sweet onion chopped
•  2 stalks of celery chopped
•  ½ cup of vegan mayo
• 2 tsp of seafood seasoning
•  1tsp of kelp seasoning

Process day old bread and and half of the parsley until you have bread crumbs. Next pulse artichoke and heart of palm together. Mix half of the bread crumbs, artichoke mixture, vegetables, seasonings and mayo in a bowl and begin to form small patties. Dip patties in remaining bread crumbs and sauté  lightly in the olive oil on medium. Brown on both sides, cool and enjoy! Serves 8.