Fresh Rolls

·        1 pack of clear rice paper wraps

·         1 handful of purple basil

·         1 handful of Mint leaves

·         1 bundle of spring onions

·         1 bundle of green leaf lettuce

·         1 bundle of fresh lemongrass

·         1 pack of prepackaged baked tofu

·         1 lime

·         1 bottle of sweet chili or hoisin sauce

1. Slice the tofu length wise into strips

2. Squeeze the juice of one lime over the tofu

3. Peel back and discard 2 layers of the lemongrass stalk and proceed to chop and sprinkle over the tofu

4. Set the tofu to the side

5. Chop the lettuce and herbs

6. In a large bowl of very hot water dip the wrap until it’s soft                                         

7.  Once the wrap is soft put a small handful of the herbs on top of the wrap

8. Add 2 pieces of the tofu atop the herbs

9. Fold sides of the wrap inward and begin to roll

10. Set rolls aside and repeat

11.  Garnish rolls with sauce and enjoy!


*Most ingredients can be found at an Asian or International Market